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Video Series: Work from Home

Updated: May 20, 2020

In this work from home video series I will do a deep dive into my 10 Rules for Successful Remote Working including some really easy and practical steps you can implement in your day-to-day work from home environment.


Introduction to the 10 Rules for Successful Remote Working

Video One

Rule # 1: Decide your Office Hours in Advance... and Stick to Them

Video Two

Rule # 2: Separate Work from Sanctuary

Video Three

Rule # 3: Use your "Commute Time" Wisely

Video Four

Rule # 4: Plan Out Your Day

Video Five

Rule # 5: Safety First

Video Six

Rule # 6: Be Social

Video Seven

Rule # 7: Don't be too Available

Video Eight

Rule # 8: Take Regular Breaks

Video Nine

Rule # 9: Don't Forget about Sick Leave

Video Ten

Rule # 10: Set Alerts/Alarms for Meetings and Breaks

Additional Tips

NB. For topline outline of this series, in written form, click here.

Ali Green is a CEO, Founder, Social Entrepreneur, Board Director, Woman of Influence & Whiskey Enthusiast. She is also creator of popular blog TinderTuesday and author of Single.

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