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Book Publishing Q&A for Business Chicks Online Community

I often get asked, particularly from leaders within the Australian business community, about book publishing and if traditional publishing or self-publishing is the appropriate route.

From my perspective, one of the most important things to understand is which format(s) will work best for the books intended audience. This in itself will help inform which approach you should explore.

In the below videos I provide this broader context and answer the specific questions submitted earlier this week from members in the Business Chicks online community (as well as an additional few frequently asked publishing questions).

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page below the videos you'll find an outline of the content of each video (including timestamps so that you can skip ahead to the relevant sections if you would prefer) as well as links to the various resources I mention throughout the videos.

I hope you find this Q&A useful.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

I hope you found this Q&A session useful.

Please do connect with me personally on Instagram or via my Website - I would love your feedback and am happy to answer further followup questions. You can also connect with Pantera Press on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram or find our submissions guidelines here.


Outline of Video Content

Video 1

  • 0.40 mins: Overall Context (including retail landscape and traditional publishing)

  • 5.35 mins: Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing (what books work best in which format/sales channel)

  • 11.16 mins: Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing

Video 2:

  • 0.00 mins: Cont. Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing

  • 0.47 mins: Traditional Publishing - Best Way to Submit a MS (PDF or Hardcopy?)

  • 2.09 mins: Traditional Publishing - Who to Submit to?

  • 5.15 mins: Traditional Publishing - Do I submit a Full MS or is a Chapter Outline and Summary OK?

  • 7.04 mins: Traditional Publishing - What Other Information to Include in a Submission?

  • 11.16 mins: Self-Publishing - How to Self-Publish (including a breakdown of Standard Costs)

Video 3:

  • 0.00 mins: Cont. Self-Publishing - How to Self-Publish (including a breakdown of Standard Costs)

  • 0.41 mins: Cameo of Winston (the very cute troublemaker Cavoodle)

  • 1.54 mins: Writing Process - How to get Started

  • 2.51: Writing Process - Cheat Sheet to get Started Writing NF

Video 4:

  • 0.00 mins: Publishing Models - What they Are and How they've Changed

  • 2.26 mins: Contract Feedback

  • 3.10 mins: Do you Need an Agent?

  • 5.39 mins: Do Pantera Press Publish Books that Have been Previously Self-Published?

  • 7.33 mins: Reasons why Manuscripts Might be Rejected

Resources Mentioned During Q&A

Australian Publishers Association Industry Directory: A database of all publishers in Australia including if they are open for submissions and what types of books they publish

How to Self-Publish Online Courses:

Writing Courses, Mentorship Ops, and Self Publishing Courses:

Freelance Editors (with Book Publishing Expertise):

Custom Pub or Self-Publishing Services:

Self Publishing Distribution Platforms:

Contract Advice:


Ali Green is a CEO, Founder, Social Entrepreneur, Board Director, Woman of Influence & Whiskey Enthusiast. She is also creator of popular blog TinderTuesday and author of Single.

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