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Ali Green

Social Entrepreneur, Founder,
CEO, Board Director
& Avid Reader  

Social entrepreneur, Ali Green, is CEO and co-founder of #1 fastest growing independent Australian book publisher, Pantera Press. She co-founded the company in 2008, at the age of 22. Green is the Sydney Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 (Arts & Culture) and Sydney Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 (Media/PR) and was named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women by Westpac and the Australian Financial Review for exemplifying, through Pantera Press, the trend towards integrating business and social good. Ali is a Harvard Business School Alumna and sits on a number of industry committees and boards including Writing NSW (Director) and the Pantera Press Foundation (Director).  She was also chosen as one of the top 20 young leaders in philanthropy in 2013 and again in 2015 for Philanthropy Australia's study tours to USA, and UK/EU.

The Australian Financial Review

"Alison Green, who founded Pantera Press when she was 22, exemplifies the trend towards cross-pollination between business and social good." 

Polly McGee

(The Good Hustle)

"I love that Ali is out there leading this charge in Australia with grace, resilience & a sparkle that would give most French Champagne a run for its money."

The Daily Telegraph

"[Green] wanted to offer more options for Australian writers after the global financial crisis."

Topics & Questions Welcome

Thank you for visiting. This is a forum where I discuss a wide variety of topics, including: book publishing, women in business, leadership, integrating social purpose into business and more.

These opinions are my own. I truly welcome your feedback and discussion. Please reach out with questions, problems, thoughts or topic requests.

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